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LennyPreschool Carrier - Jurassic Park New Era


LennyPreschool Carrier - Jurassic Park New Era fabric (100% cotton)

Super adjustable carrier, fantastic from one to six years

New for 2020 - a super-sized version of the LennyUpgrade carrier, suitable for carrying your little toddler all the way though pre-school and UP TO 6 YEARS! This carrier has the most generous dimensions out of all we stock.

  • Made of beautiful, soft wrap fabric
  • Crossable shoulder straps
  • Front and back carries possible 
  • Luxurious shoulder, waist belt and leg padding
  • Removable sleep hood
  • A two-way adjustable panel. Both the panel's height, and also width (at base only) can be refined for an excellent fit. See the photo for panel dimensions
  • A waist belt pocket  to store small items
  •  Easy to use, single point waist buckle (introduced along with new elastic safety band)

The LennyPreschool has a minimum weight of 7kg and a maximum of 30kg. Panel dimensions are as per the photo +/- 3 cm.

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