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Boba 4GS - Hangin Out

A sloth family hanging out on their island! Designed by London based illustrator Sarah Knight

The Boba 4GS carrier is a great value buckle carrier option. It shares many of the Boba 4G features - minus the foot straps! Excels as a carrier for tots between 0-2 years and won't break the bank :)

Here's more about the features:

  • Weight tested between 7-45lb. Supports front and back carries (back carries from 20lb)
  • Includes Infant Insert. Easy-to-use seat cushion, allowing smaller babies to be carried comfortably and ergonomically. 2 different positions depending on your baby's age/weight.
  • Support hood included - detachable, with zipped storage pocket
  • Zipped waistbelt pocket 
  • Easily adjustable chest straps and shoulder straps. Rucksack style only; cannot be crossed on back. Elastic "tidy" loops on each strap.
  • Waistband range from 25" to 58". 2 way tightening possible. Shoulder strap length from 20-40".
  • Panel size 14" wide and 15.5" tall
  • Fabric is 100% cotton and machine washable
  • Tested to most recent EU safety standards