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BabyHawk Oh Mei - Espresso Straps / Zoo Hoots


Espresso Straps with Zoo Hoots panel

Babyhawk produce a wonderful range of mei tais and buckle carriers in a diverse range of fabrics and prints.

The Babyhawk Oh Mei borrows its form and function from the BabyHawk Mei Tai and the Original Oh Snap! It offers the ease and comfort of a padded waist strap with buckle, alongside the custom tie options of mei tai shoulder straps. Here's a low down of the features:

  • Suitable from 15-45lb (around 5 months plus)
  • Padded headrest that can be turned up for head/neck support, or turned down when your little one wants to see the world
  • Padding in shoulder straps and waist belt, providing gentle support for wearers back and shoulders.
  • Shoulder straps are 72" long and 3.75" wide. Suitable for wearers up to UK female size 20 (approximate). Can be crossed for back or front carries for extra comfort, and tied in a variety of ways!
  • Panel dimensions 20.5" high x 16.5" wide (taking into account seat darts)
  • Made of 100% cotton chino twill and 100% quilting quality cotton

A handy set of instructions with diagrams is included with the carrier.

Please note: Babyhawks are machine washable,