For some, using a baby carrier is all about hand-freeing convenience After all, there’s a 100 different places where a baby carrier becomes invaluable.

  • Shopping in narrow streets and busy malls becomes sooo much easier when you haven’t got a buggy to manhandle.
  • Long walks in the country are made a breeze.
  • Waiting at the airport with bubs becomes a little less stressful.

It’s also great for around the home - your baby will love watching you potter in the garden, clean the kitchen, hang out the washing...the list is virtually endless.

For others, using a carrier is all about keeping in close contact with your precious baby. Carrying a baby in a wrap, sling or pouch for extended amounts of time is often referred to as “babywearing”. This is common practice within many people groups around the world, and is regaining popularity in Western culture at a fast pace. Research suggests that babywearing can:

  • Help you bond with your baby. By spending more time snuggled close to each other, you will find it easier to recognise your baby’s many cues and respond to them before a full on crying fit...
  • Be especially helpful if you have a premature or low weight gain baby, as the closeness helps regulate your baby’s heartbeat and temperature, and will also stimulate your baby to feed more.
  • Help your baby to cry less. Babies carried for at least 3 hours a day have been found to cry 40% less than infants who are carried less. Babies are comforted by your voice, the rhythmic sound of your heartbeat, and the rocking motion when you are walking.
  • Encourage earlier independence

For us at Slings and Things, babywearing helps keep that fine balance of keeping up with work and household stuff, whilst also spending precious moments with our children! Our babies have come to love being worn, enjoy snuggles (and the occasional feed) at sleepy time, and just adore being nosey whilst we're out and about! We would also love you to enjoy the closeness and calming nature of babywearing, so please do get in touch if you're spoilt for choice, or just need some advice on carrying.