We are very proud to be the UK's FIRST vendor of Nona products!

Nona produce affordable woven wraps and ring slings with no compromise on quality or carrying comfort! They are great from birth to toddlerhood, and woven with love in the EU. Nona was dreamt up by two Dutch babywearing mothers, Jessica and Musetta. "Nona" is a name used in Roman mythology for the goddess of pregnancy, and one of the three "parcae" who control the metaphorical thread of life.

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Nona Ring Sling - Imagine+ Perfect Fit
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Nona Ring Sling - Palmae Antigua
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Nona Ring Sling - Serendipity In Your Eyes
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Nona Woven Wrap - Imagine+ Midnight Blues *3.6m only*
Nona Woven Wrap - Imagine+ Perfect Fit
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