Our Top 5 Woven picks for newborn babies - Winter 2019

Our Top 5 Woven picks for newborn babies - Winter 2019

We're often asked which are the softest, most squishy wraps in our collection, ideal  for a smaller baby.  Here's our top five recommendations for Winter 2019!

Little Frog Illusion wraps. These wraps are amazingly soft for a 100% cotton blend. They're a little thicker than some of the other Little Frogs wraps - but aren't tricky to wrap with -  making them a perfect  winter and shoulder season choice.

Lenny Lamb Cobalt. This wrap is part of the Lenny Lamb "basic" range - meaning it's a lower price point than most of their fabrics - but don't be deceived - it's fantastic quality! The herringbone design is striking yet subtle and the soft, looser weave makes wrapping a piece of cake!

These two striped Little Frog Bamboo wraps - Angelit and Tourmaline 🌈 These wraps are bamboo blend which gives the fabric a gorgeously smooth, soft feel. New to wrapping? These two wraps have different colours on the top and bottom edge (known as the "rails") which can help with tightening. 


Lenny Lamb Candyland wrap.  Another bamboo blend and just. so. squishy. 

All of these wraps are also stocked as ring slings, which is another fantastic carrying option for newborns. 

If you have questions about any other fabrics in our collections, just get in touch and we'll be more than happy to guide you towards a choice that is right for you!