Now stocking Fidella FlyClicks!

Now stocking Fidella FlyClicks!

This week the new Fidella FlyClick has landed and guess what? We love it! 

Fidella’s new carrier features a buckled waist and tie-able shoulder straps. It’s what we call a hybrid (or more specifically half-buckle) carrier and is a fab compromise between the worlds of buckle carrier and meh dai 😄 

What we love about Fidella FlyTai and FlyClick carriers are the shoulder straps. These are padded and cushy on the shoulder, flaring out to wider wrap fabric further down the length. This really helps spread baby's weight out over your back when front carrying. They're also a generous 2m long, meaning they can be used for all sizes of wearer and you can finish your ties all sorts of ways!

The smaller FlyClick size is suitable from newborn to 12-18 months ish and we couldn’t resist giving our “fake-baby” a little snuggle . We’ve adjusted this carrier down height and width wise to suit our baby’s newborn size (see the flat pictures of the carrier for before and after adjustments), and also made use of the handy little rollable headrest.

The FlyClick with a newborn!Unadjusted Fidella FlyClick

The Plus size works from around 9 months until pre school years. How's that for longevity? 

You can check them out our range of FlyClicks here.